Our Story

Peekapoo Zone Puppies Its located at FM 1087, just 8 miles from downtown Garrison TX.

Rafael Camacho, my wife Martha and our two children's manage Peekapoo Zone Puppies. Our love for this kind of puppies was born the day that a coworker of Martha (My wife), showed her a Peekapoo in the spring of 2010, Martha was delighted, she talked to me and we both decided to give our son Alejandro and daughter Susana a puppy.

As breeders, we have a goal: Your satisfaction, and then if you want and have time, you can share your experience with us and that way let other families that are looking for a puppy, know that we are reliable and that they can trust us.We sale good quality puppies and you can also register your puppy at Continental Kennel Club if you like. These small dogs are intended to be pets only. We do not promise you the moon or the stars, but our best effort and service to make the process of adding one more member to your family as stress-free as possible.