Peekapoo Zone Puppies offers a one-year warranty that begins the moment you buy the puppy. The warranty is only for genetic problems and to qualify you must show documents from a certified veterinarian. We will consult our vet and if it's confirmed that the problem is genetic, we will pay the treatment up to the amount that you paid for the puppy, or you have the option to bring it to us and wait to choose a different one.

You have three days to take your puppy to the vet to check and make sure that we give you a healthy puppy, if you do not, we are not responsible for parasite infections (Worms). If your vet found any problems with intestinal parasites, we will pay for the treatment if you show us the tests.

Taking your puppy to the vet within the next three days ensures that you have purchased a healthy puppy. The good thing about this is that your vet will have your puppy registered for later visits and will let you know when it's time for vaccinations.