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Meet Our Team

Rafael Camacho

Rafael is responsible for customer service, delivery, photography, paperwork, trips to the vet, and helps keep the kennel clean.

Martha Camacho

Martha takes care of all your photos, videos, prepares your puppy package, prepares your paperwork, maintains the kennel, takes care of trips to the vet, and also puppy delivery.

Susana Camacho

She's currently a junior in High School and plans to attend Stephen F. Austin University when she graduates. Susana helps with customer service, prepares paperwork, helps with delivery, helps Martha with vet trips,. Susana is bilingual and can assist you in Spanish. 

Alejandro Camacho

Alejandro maintains our website, helps with delivery, and is also bilingual.


Chofis is our ambassador, she is one year old. Her parents are Coco and Petunia, she comes everywhere we go.




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